Application Forms

There are two sets of application forms, one set for the refugee/s being sponsored, and another set for the sponsoring group, that must be completed, signed, dated and submitted via mail or email to the Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa (ROC-O).

What Forms do Sponsoring Groups in Ontario Need to Complete?

All forms that are required to be completed by sponsoring groups in Ontario can be found at the link below:

Kindly note that the forms which need to be completed vary be sponsoring group. It is highly recommended that sponsors read the Instruction Guides for their type of sponsoring group before completing the forms.

What Forms does the Refugee that we are Sponsoring Need to Complete?

The forms that are to be completed by the refugee applicant form part of the IMM 6000 package and can be found at the following link:

It is recommended that sponsoring group completes the refugee applicant’s forms with the assistance of the applicant, and ensure that the information is correct and accurate. It is recommended that sponsors send the forms to the applicant for review in order to ensure that the information is correct. It is highly recommended that sponsors and refugee read the Instruction Guide before completing the refugee’s forms.

Are Scanned Signatures Accepted on the Forms?

Yes, scanned signatures are accepted on all of the forms.

Where Do We Send the Forms To?

Sponsors in Ontario must submit their private sponsorship applications to the Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa (ROC-O) via mail or email:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

For more information on submitting applications, and the specific requirements for submitting applications via email, please review the Instruction Guides at the following link: 

Can the RSTP Ontario Team Review Application Forms?

The RSTP Ontario team is able to review forms for sponsoring groups in Ontario. Please contact us using our details below if you would like us to review the forms you have completed before submitting them to the Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa (ROC-O).

Need More Information?

If you are a sponsoring group in Ontario and require additional information, please contact the RSTP Ontario team.

If you require general information about application forms, please visit the FAQ section on main RSTP website at: